infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution

infrahubs™ – we are building the warehouse of the future today

Infrahubs are experts in creating and building the warehouse of the future for our customers today. We own, design, build and manage large and efficient logistics facilities for tomorrow’s trade, retail and distribution.

infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution

Infrahubs owns land at
strategic logistics locations
throughout Sweden

To give you as the customer the best conditions for future logistics, we not only create a complete and state-of-the-art logistics facility, We also place your inventory in the best position based on your needs and your customers. We have very good property for warehouses available from Skåne up to Mälardalen in Sweden.

infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution

infrahubs – a complete solution

Efficient logistics flows and warehouse relocation without downtime

Strategic warehouse location

Fully automated in and out deliveries

Customized warehouse – up & running in eight months

Complete financing solution with leasing

infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution

a turnkey solution

We have more than 20 years of experience from our own successful e-commerce business. We know what is needed and we will therefore not only build a new warehouse for you, but take an complete approach for the entire warehouse from design, automation, pallet racks to consultation and planning of the entire warehouse relocation. Everything to create the warehouse of the future for our customers today, with sustainability in focus throughout the entire process. This creates a greatly improved profitability, a high efficiency, a greater capacity and an improved customer satisfaction.

infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution


Warehouses built by e-commerce people for e-commerce and the logistics of the future.

The huge growth of e-commerce has a fundamental impact on retail. History has taught us that only those whoare able to adapt quickly to development will succeed. We have designed Infrahubs to give you a quick transition to the future of efficient e-commerce.An automated comprehensive solution, tailored to your logistical and financial needs.

infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution

scalable, flexible
–grow while running

All trend lines indicates that bigger is better when it comes to modern warehouses. Infrahub´s innovative solution makes it possible to store more items in less space which will boost your business. And if you want to expand it´s no problem. You can do that while running the operations as usual. No stop is needed.

infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution

rapid deployment
– up & running in eight months

Delaying the move towards warehouse automation will result in greater costs to your company. When you decide to go for it we will make sure that you will have your new warehouse in a very short time. Our long experience in e-commerce and logistics have given us tools for an efficient building process. It will only take eight months from decision to when we deliver the key in your hand. The fast construction time allows us to offer very competitive prices.

infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution

improved profitability
– favourable leasing

The future consumers want to have their goods delivered quickly in time and at a very low cost. Infrahub´s infrastructure solution is both less expensive and more efficient than the present warehouse operations. We know that for a fact since we have built and run the first Infrahub ourselves. The profitability will increase dramatically. And with our offered financial model for leasing you can use your money for growth instead.

infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution

increased customer satisfaction
– reliable fast deliveries

Delivery timing are key for customer satisfaction. To many failures will mean lost customers and loss of money. Warehouse automation technology will dramatically improve your warehouse management and everyday processes. You will have a continuous uptime, fewer disruptions and an increase perfect order percentage. And a whole lot of more satisfied customers.

infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution

infrahub – Royal Design

We are very proud of our Infrahub – Royal Design, one of the largest and most successful e-commerce businesses in Sweden. The company’s old warehouse had limited growth opportunities and often caused disruptions to customer deliveries.

“We had not managed another Black Friday with our old warehouse,” says Royal Design’s CEO, Magnus Pettersson. “With our new high-tech Infrahub, we can triple the capacity while minimizing the risk of manual errors.”

infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution

the process

1. Analysis.

We start with an analysis of your customers, freight forwarders and other logistics flows. The analysis gives us the conditions to create an optimal, complete and sustainable infrastructure. We can also offer land areas in attractive strategic locations for your warehouse.

2. Concept.

Our architects produce a design proposal for a building that is completely adapted to your wishes. You may want an office part in the warehouse to have the stock and customer service under the same roof? Or maybe you want one or more of our green options? In that case, our architects will add them to the design concept.

3. Design for automation

Infrahubs designs an automated storage system tailored to your needs. Since a robotic warehouse system involves a relatively large investment, we can also offer you a financial solution that makes the business profitable for you.

4. Implementation and construction.

We put together a team of highly competent and efficient partners who will ensure a fast and efficient construction process. The whole process is transparent to you and through continuous follow-ups we ensure that the end result is optimal.

5. The move.

We make sure that your stock is moved seamlessly and that it causes minimal disruption. We have carried out ten large warehouse moves during our twenty years in the industry. We know what it takes to minimize disruptions in a 24-hour business.
infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution

40 years of e-commerce experience

The founders of Infrahubs, Andreas Ekberg and Hans Bengtsson, started their own successful e-commerce business as early as 1999. Together they have more than 40 years of experience and have during this time carried out ten major relocations of various e-commerce warehouses. They know what´s needed in order to succeed and have created Infrahubs based on this knowledge.

infrahubs™ – a game changer warehouse solution


Hans Bengtsson

CEO / Founder
Infrahubs AB
+46 (0)708 20 29 65

Andreas Ekberg

COO / Founder
Infrahubs AB
+46 (0)70-227 76 94

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